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“When I make jam, a spoonful will go on toast, but after that, I always rack my brain trying to think of ways to use it in baking. Thankfully Camilla has done all the hard work for me. Jam Bake inspires with original combinations of jam— coffee with dates and pears, figs with plums and purple grapes— and brilliant baked foods to make with them. It’s an indispensable resource for anyone who loves making jam and baking in equal measure.” -Ben Mims

“Everyone needs jam in their lives, and cake for that matter— Camilla Wynne’s passion for both has come together here in a book that is as much fun as it is informative and instructive. I mean who wouldn’t want to make and eat apricot and cocoa nib jam followed by jam swirled brownies? This is the stuff dreams are made of.” -Anja Dunk

THE book for BAKERS and PRESERVERS alike out now wherever books are sold!


“ Let’s be honest here. I am kind of a compote guy. However! If I was to ever properly preserve some seasonal fruit, then 100 percent I would use this book. Why? Because I would need a boatload of help, and Camilla’s book has a boatload of knowledge for a preservation clown like myself.” -Brooks Headley

“Camilla Wynne, the indefatigable chef, writer and teacher, has blown my mind with this funny, sensual, and lively book. The recipes are clear and forthright; the treats are scrumptious and heavenly. As I am writing this, the nutty, irresistible scent of brown butter is flooding my senses— because as soon as I finishing reading Jam Bake, I stood up, turned my oven on, and started making her pistachio blondies.” -Natasha Pickowicz

“When I first met Camilla Wynne, I knew her reputation as a brilliant teacher and maker of remarkable jams. What I didn’t know, was that she had been the hands making some of my favorite pastries for years in Montreal. It is with this combination— an artistry for preserves alongside real-world experience— that Jam Bake has turned out to be such a treasure. The recipes are bold, creative, and truly modern.” -Tara O’Brady